Acne & Rosacea


Acne often appears in the the teen years but can happen at any time, even as an adult.

More than just your child’s complexion is affected by acne. Studies have shown that teens with acne often suffer emotional and social distress and sometimes even depression.

"Teen acne can have a devastating effect on self-esteem and body image, and can really do a number on kids," says Ted Grossbart, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist and assistant clinical professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Teens/young adults with acne can experience:
  • Embarrassment

  • Shame

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Problems with socialization

What can Parents do to help?

"Getting the best medical treatment is crucial for acne," says Dr. Jerry Cooper, Head of Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery. He adds that it is particularly important for teenagers who seem embarrassed or ashamed of their acne to recieve treatment. Over - the- counter acne treatments are not always enough to clear up skin issues and can in some instances, make them worse.

What Does Acne Look Like?

Acne can appear as one of the following:

Whiteheads: White dots that are pores impacted with oil and skin covered by skin layers.

Blackheads: Black bumps that are impacted pores in which material pushes out through the follicles. The black color is not from dirt. It may be from bacteria, dead skin cells, and matter that react with oxygen.

Papules, pustules or nodules: More serious lesions appearing red and swollen due to inflammation or infection of the tissue around the clogged follicles, which are often painful and feel hard.

Cysts: Deep, pus-filled pimples

Clearing Up Medical Skin Conditions in Atlanta

Acne and rosacea are two very common skin conditions that can affect your physical appearance and your self-confidence. While acne is most common in teenagers, it can affect people of all ages. With acne, clogged pores appear in areas such as the face, neck, arms, back, and chest. Rosacea is a condition that causes redness of the skin, though it can also result in pimple rashes and areas of the skin with visible blood vessels. Rosacea, which tends to occur on the face, usually affects adults age older than 30. Our dermatologists at Atlanta Dermatology & Laser Surgery provide excellent acne and rosacea treatment!

We offer acne and rosacea treatments such as:

  • Anti-inflammatories and oral antibiotics

  • Topical antibiotics and retinoids

  • Over-the-counter cosmeceuticals (retinoids, hydroxyl acids, etc.)

  • Birth control pills or other types of hormone medications

  • Photodynamic therapy

  • Laser treatments

  • Chemical peels

  • Isotretinoin (for the most extreme acne cases)

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