Confessions of a Scared-y Cat Turned Microneedling Believer

I must have been crazy. What was I thinking? I hate needles. I really don't feel like that emphasized that sentiment enough. I. HATE. NEEDLES. So why on earth would I book a treatment called microneedling? Honestly, I was tired of looking in the mirror at my stretch marks and cringing. I had reached my limit. (Below is a before and after picture) Click here.

I got my stretch marks with my first pregnancy and I remember the moment that my mother was with me for an OB appointment and she gasped when the Doctor lifted my shirt. They were that bad. I tried creams and they faded a little but not anything of great notice.

It was in a conversation with ATL Skin Expert, CJ Hood, that she suggested microneedling. After I pried my fingers from the ceiling at the idea of needles, CJ explained how it works. Treatments like the MD Pen and EndyMed Intensif rejuvenate the skin and treat things like acne scars and stretch marks. The depth of the needles can be varied, so each treatment can be tailored to what the patient needs. Unlike other treatments that don't work very well on different skin types, microneedling works on everyone's skin. CJ explained that it helps create collagen, is an effective, powerful way to prevent the aging process and rejuvenate your skin. I was sold.

Both CJ and ATL Skin Expert Michele Salazar have over 30 years experience combined in the field of Laser Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetics. I trusted that they knew what they were talking about and figured I would try it. They applied numbing creme to my stomach. As a patient, it means a lot that ATL Skin makes sure that I am as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The treatment went quickly and there was no pain, only a few little spots with discomfort (on a scale from 1-10, it was a 2) because Michele was working on an area over bone. She was always right on top of asking me about my comfort level and talked to me throughout the procedure. It helped enormously to take my initial nervousness away.

Michele was finished in about 40 minutes and I went back into my routine (no down time). After a few weeks, I began to notice how much my stretch marks had begun to fade. I know it will take several treatments to get my skin where I wanted it to be, but I am very happy with how it has responded to the first procedure.

All in all, the name microneedling isn't the most warm and friendly. However, it's not about the name right? I cannot wait for my next treatment and I look forward to seeing the results. Looking in the mirror and smiling is a pretty amazing feeling.



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