Confessions of a Skeptic: Mackenzie's Vanquish Experience

Confessions of a Skeptic: Mackenzie's Vanquish Experience


There's something that you all should know, I am a HUGE skeptic - especially when it involves cosmetic procedures/treatments. When Dr. Cooper announced thatAtlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery was adding the newVanquish procedure to our menu of services, I was a bit hesitant. It was hard for me to believe that a non-invasive (surgery-free) procedure was capable of producing results as amazing as the pictures showed - and on top of that, without pain? No way.

I recently have lost a little over 40 pounds and am 6 pounds away from my goal weight - but even with the weight loss and the amp up in exercise & weight training there is still that stubborn area on my tummy that doesn't seem to want to say goodbye to my waistline. So, over my lunch break one gloomy, Thursday afternoon I had Michele (our laser technician) set me up! I decided that I was going to have to test out this bad boy and see if the results really were as great as the claimed to be.

I laid down on the cosmetic table, was propped up with a comfy pillow (or two) and Michele placed the treatment piece to hover over my lower abdomen (see example in photo below). The best part about the treatment headpiece is that it is able to cover a large area at one time - I was able to treat my lower tummy area and my "love handles" in one treatment (hellooo, convenience factor). Once the treatment head was in place, Michele hit "start" and I instantly started to feel the treated area warm up - great news is it was not an uncomfortable warm but the warmth of a heating pad laying across your tummy. Once Michele got the treatment calibrated to the level it needed to be set to, she switched off the lights and I was left to nap - or ... think! Between drifting in and out of my lunch break sleeping bliss I had a few thoughts: First of all, it's true, the treatment is really comfortable, second was coming up with a plan for how I was going to break the news to Dr. Cooper that there was NO WAY that a treatment as comfortable as this could really permanently remove any fat - because "beauty is pain," right? Michele popped in and out of the room every few minutes to check on me and adjust the temperature of the treatment and after 30-quick-minutes, my first treatment was done.


The next three Thursdays, I met with Michele for our weekly vanquish lunch-dates. In between weeks, I slowly started to think that my stomach did look a little flatter & even thought, wait are my pants looser? But, being the natural skeptic I am... I blew it off.. I was probably just standing in one of those amazing mirrors that make you look thinner (thank you so much to whoever figured THAT out) & my pants probably have always fit this way.

Finally, after my forth treatment - I decided I'd take some follow up photos just to check it out just to prove that I was correct and there was actually no results.

I am here to admit, I was wrong (ask anyone- this is not something I willingly ever admit). And, well... there really IS a noticeable difference in my waistline. Now, my results aren't finished- so I'm not going to post anything, justttt yet BUT - my fellow skeptics, Vanquish, really is just as great as it sounds. Results peak about 2 months after your fourth treatment. I am going to take photos at 1 month post treatment and 2 month post treatment and put it to the test. But, the results are noticeable - and worth every penny that I spent!

I've shown some of my pictures to patients interested in the procedure in the office and they have been in awe at my results so far - so imagine how outstanding they are going to be once they peak! Many patients have said "Sign me up!" once seeing my pictures and have been blown away by their's too!

Vanquish is truly unique. The Vanquish treatment is unlike any other non-invasive (surgery-free) procedure on the market. The results are huge, the treatment time is quick, it really is pain-free and it's been given the skeptic-Mackenzie seal of approval!

Atlanta Dermatology and Laser Surgery is the FIRST in Atlanta to offer Vanquish. For more information or to schedule a FREE consultation call (404) 296-8000. Visit our website for more information on our office & our procedures.


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