The 5 reasons why ATL Derm Dr's can make you sexier!

You only visit the Dermatologist for acne right? Wrong. Here's 5 reasons why you need to call 404.296.8000 and make an appointment.

Moles and Sun Spots

Early detection of skin cancer is a key component of treatment, which makes it even more important for individuals to schedule annual skin exams.

You should also pay close attention to the moles and sun spots on your body, calling your dermatologist right away if you notice any changes in size, shape or color.
Scar Treatment

For individuals whose scars – whether related to acne or an injury – are a cause for discomfort and self-consciousness, there are treatments available that can help to minimize their appearance.

Your dermatologist can review your scarring to help you decide what treatment option is best for you.

Frequently used options include dermal fillers and laser therapy.
Nail Disorders

Have you ever noticed the little white spots and bumps that appear on your nails?

These spots tell a story of your health, and whether you are facing a minor nail problem (like an ingrown nail) or something more serious (like pain or swelling in the nail area) a visit to your dermatologist can provide you with a diagnosis and treatment that relieves unsightly symptoms as well as any pain you may be experiencing.

Red Skin Flare-Ups

From eczema to psoriasis , there are a number of different conditions that cause red patches to appear on your skin. And while some of them are cosmetic in nature, others can have internal symptoms as well.

A visit to your dermatologist can properly diagnose your condition, teaching you the best ways to care for your skin and providing you with products that will help to reduce the appearance of flare-ups.
Hair Loss

Hair loss doesn’t have to be hereditary; there are many other triggers that can cause an individual to lose their hair, some of which can be reversed with proper treatment.

For individuals facing the onset of sudden hair loss, a trip to the dermatologist can assist in returning to your normal, confident self – complete with a full head of hair.
Regardless of what type of skin, scalp, hair or nail condition you are facing, there is no reason for you to go through life hiding it.

Instead, contact ATL Derm to begin a treatment plan that will help you to look and feel your best.

Did you know that ATL Derm has a state of the art cosmetic dermatology center located right within our practice? From skin care products to laser treatments for younger looking skin & laser lipo, we have it all. We are Atlanta's Best Kept Beauty Secret.

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