The New "Dirty F-word" in Cosmetic Dermatology.

I hear it 100 times a week. "Oh no, I don't want to look...", and then I brace for it "frozen". There it is, the new "dirty F word" in cosmetic dermatology. Frozen has become synonymous with Botox. Men and women are apprehensive about getting the treatment to help smooth out lines and wrinkles because they they know that their face will be "frozen" or "paralyzed", right? Wrong, very very wrong.

So Where Did The "F word" Come From?

When Botox first hit the scene there were Doctors and patients who went a little overboard. Okay, we admit it, they went a lot overboard. Celebrities had faces that wouldn't move during a hurricane force wind storm. I like to think about the line from Spiderman "with great power comes great responsibility". There are Providers out there that will do what the patient wants vs. what is best for the patient. Frozen faces are awkward for everyone. How do you know you've upset your co worker when you accidentally delete her report if the look on her face is the same one she had when you surprised her with a cupcake? Faces need expressions. We need a warning or a clue. No one wins if it's frozen.

What Should Botox Do?

Botox is meant to smooth out wrinkles and line. It is NOT supposed to erase the expressions that make you uniquely you. You should have facial movement. You should look like you, just refreshed not like you are in a permanent state of surprise or shock.

This is why it is very important to go back to your Doctor after two weeks from the injection so that your Doctor can see how your skin is responding to the treatment. It is always a good idea to go with the less is more attitude when using Botox.

Gut Check Time

Here's where I get brutally honest. You get what you pay for. I get it, Botox isn't like a meal at McDonald's. People shop around for the best price. The problem with that is that people become so focused on the price that they forget a very important factor. When you are paying $7 or $8 dollars a unit, are you getting a watered down product? Where are they getting it from? Who is it that is injecting you? Is it a Podiatrist? Someone who took a weekend class? I am not saying that a Physician's Assistant (PA) can't inject Botox, the PA's at AtlDerm do it everyday. The difference is that they are highly skilled at doing those procedures. It's their job to know skin. They are also under the supervision of Board Certified Dermatologists. You wouldn't go to a dentist if you needed your appendix taken out, so why trust anyone but anyone else with your skin, your face? We are held to a higher standard of care by the American Medical Association Board and we hold ourselves to an even higher one than that.


I know, it's sort of the same feeling Indiana Jones had when he found the Lost Arc. You wanted to believe it and here it is, proof! The photographs show a patient with smooth skin, a rejuvenated look that allows movement. It is still her face and she has the ability to express her feelings in a way that make her special and unique to those around her.

If you've never tried Botox before, we recommend a consultation first. Here at Atl Derm our Skin Care Experts will listen to your goals and develop an individualized plan. We always encourage patients to ask questions and discuss goals with our Providers. We love happy and satisfied Patients. We know you will love the results because you will be able to show us by your expressions! So leave the "Frozen" to Elsa and her movie.

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