Hair Loss & Hirsutism

Hair loss is, simply, the loss of hair in a region where hair is desired, usually the head, and sometimes the eyebrows or lashes. In reality, of course, the emotional impact of hair loss is anything but simple. This is especially true with women, for whom loss of hair can cause low self-esteem.

Many things can cause hair loss, including skin conditions, heredity or illness. Any of our dermatology experts can help diagnose and treat hair loss in both men and women. Hair loss treatment may involve a combination of over-the-counter medications or prescription treatments, including topical treatments, injections, and oral medications.

For more information on hair loss visit, American Academy of Dermatology ( – Hair Loss

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Hirsutism is the overproduction of hair. In women, this most often occurs on the face, chin and neck. It can also occur on the arms or torso. In men, hirsutism generally occurs on the chest and/or back. It can be hereditary or caused by illness or hormonal imbalance. Any of our dermatology experts will diagnose and determine the best treatment options for you.

Treatment for hirsutism often includes Laser Hair Removal, using Light Sheer Duet laser to reduce the amount of hair growth. At this time there is no insurance coverage for laser treatments of hirsutism.


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