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The days of "living with" a tattoo that we no longer want are gone. Technology has brought us the PiQo4 premier tattoo removal laser, now eradicating the permanent tattoo. The PiQo4 is unique in it's ability to penetrate the skin and destroy tattoo ink by utilizing four wavelengths to target the most common tattoo ink colors for dramatic results. There is no other laser on the market that is as powerful and effective as the PiQo4. Accept no substitute.


"PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal results are so effective that it reduces the number of treatments by 50%"


 Advantages of the PiQo4:

Deeper Skin Penetration

The PiQo4 features the largest coverage area available—almost four times larger than what most competitors use. The PiQo4 is the absolute best device for speed and effectiveness. Because of its spot size and power, the PiQo4 can penetrate deeper to reach deep embedded pigments and disperse ink particles better than any other device.

Safer on Skin

The PiQo4 has high efficacy with greatly reduced intensity on the skin. This reduces the chance of blistering, discoloration, and scars that are seen with other devices. 

Only the PiQo4 Treats 9 Colors

Where many devices are limited to either just one or two wavelengths or have made claims about pigment elimination using less optimal wavelengths, the PiQo4 is the only device to treat nine of the most popular colors (and all skin types) by using all four of the optimal wavelengths alongside picosecond and nanosecond pulses.  



The PiQo4 is suitable for a wide variety of skin rejuvenation applications, including the following FDA-cleared indications: 

  •  Dark Ink Tattoos 
  •  Colored Ink Tattoos 
  •  Traumatic Tattoos 
  •  Amateur Tattoos 
  •  Pigmented Lesions 
  •  Melasma

How Does It Work?

Pulses of laser energy work to effectively break the ink down into tiny particles. These ink particles are then gradually filtered out by the body. The non-surgical procedure is fully customized for the individual, providing a more effective and efficient process. The PiQo4 has shown to help diminish tattoo ink on a variety of skin tones, even darker skin. Multiple treatment sessions are necessary to completely eradicate the appearance of the tattoo.  


Our certified ATL SKIN Care Providers have earned the reputation of being Laser Tattoo Removal Experts.  They have performed thousands of successful tattoo removal procedures  and are recognized as “The best in the business" with decades worth of awards

We offer complimentary consultations for all Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments. One of our Certified Laser Experts will examine your tattoo, explain how everything works and answer all of the questions you may have. We will create a custom plan specifically for your situation (ink color, skin type, full removal vs. pre-cover-up lightening). We will give you an in-depth understanding of how laser tattoo removal works and what your specific tattoo requires in order to obtain the best results. Call 404-296-8000 to schedule your appointment or you can schedule online on the "Book Online" link above.


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